Review of 144 applicants for Police Chief in Sarasota, FL now underway

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It’s been three months since former Sarasota police chief Peter Abbott resigned, and Tuesday ended the application process for those interested in taking over the force.  Now it is up to the city manager to decide who will be the next chief of police.

“Right now with this economy and the tough time, we need somebody that is going to be vigilant,” says resident Carrie Castillo.

City residents have an idea of what qualities they would like the new chief to possess.  “Even though on the outside, it is portrayed as a calm and submissive kind of area; that is not always the case.  There is quite a bit of crime and it needs to be taken care…needs to be dealt with,” says resident Angelina Loetschert.

“Make sure they are not dirty, and make sure they are going to do the job for the City of Sarasota,” says resident Dan.

The search for a new chief has been going on for more than a month.  The deadline to apply for the position ended Tuesday with 144 applicants.  “That’s pretty much what we expected.  Any kind of community such as Sarasota, which is a very desirable place to live and work, is going to attract a lot of people,” says city manager Robert Bartolotta.

The job of sorting through all the candidates and choosing the right one falls solely on the shoulders of Bartolotta, and he knows what he is looking for — a leader with experience.  “Somebody that will really connect to the community and knows police work inside and out…build trust not only inside the department but in the community.”

Three applicants from within the police department have applied for the position, and Bartolotta says one is a very serious contender: interim chief Mikel Holloway.  “He’s got 28 years of experience; he knows it…he’s been doing a great job as acting chief, he’s built a lot of trust in the department and has done a lot community outreach and we’ve been very pleased with his performance.”

So how long until a new chief takes over?  Bartolotta says he is not sure.  He is going to review each and every one of the 144 candidates, so it could take a week to a month.


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