Mike Hollaway – Sarasota, Florida’s New Police Chief

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The City of Sarasota has named a new police chief.  Interim chief Mike Hollaway now heads the city’s largest department, effective immediately.

City manager Robert Bartolotta made the announcement Friday morning at city hall after reviewing 144 applications and meeting with candidates from major cities across the country.

Bartolotta says none of the candidates compared to Sarasota’s hometown chief.

50-year-old Hollaway was born and raised in Sarasota.  He’s been with the Sarasota Police Department for 28 years and has worked in every department in the force with the exception of criminal investigations.

Hollaway was Sarasota’s first African-American sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and now the first African-American chief.

Bartolotta says many candidates were equally qualified, but Chief Hollaway had a leg up on all of them.  “Because he knows his community, he knows these people.  And I think his ability to accomplish change –  and he is committed to change – is much great than someone would have coming in fresh.”

Hollaway says he holds his officers to be accountable for their actions and wants greater community involvement.  “We, as police, can no longer do it by ourselves.  We’ve never done it by ourselves.  But it’s more important now than ever that we have the support of the community, everyone sticks together, and we continue to make this a wonderful place to live.”

A formal swearing-in ceremony for Chief Hollaway will be in the next two weeks, but he is no longer the “acting chief” he is officially the Chief of Sarasota Police starting immediately.

Source: WWSB ABC7 Florida mysuncoast.com

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