Patrick Dillon – Plympton, Massachussetts’ New Police Chief

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Anticipating the announcement of the selection of a new police chief, the town clerk and a small group of other town board members who just happened to be at the town house this past Tuesday night, gathered at the back of the selectmen’s meeting room.

“We did it,” John Henry, chairman of the Board of Selectman simply said. “The search for a new police chief is over. The Search Committee reviewed 44 applicants, made a recommendation, and we agree.”

Pending agreement on salary the chairman said the new Plympton Police Chief would be the departments own Sergeant Patrick Dillon.

On hearing the name the small group standing in the back of the room gave a quiet cheer, and applauded enthusiastically.

Sgt. Dillon appears to be a popular choice.

He was the town’s first-ever police sergeant, and in recent months his family has been the focus of fundraising efforts for his son who is undergoing treatment for a rare form of brain cancer.

A 24-year police veteran – with 9 years in Plympton – Dillon was also the only in-house finalist, and was selected over 43 other applicants.

The search committee, chaired by Selectman Barry DiCristofaro, met twice as a group to review the applicants. On the first occasion they each presented their own list of the applicants they considered the top 12.

From those lists, there turned out to be five candidates that made everyone’s list, including Sgt. Dillon.

The board then convened again to choose one candidate and present that choice to the selectmen.

“We had a great bunch of candidates,” DiCristofaro said, “but we feel strongly that we selected the best person for Plympton.”

Reached the next day, Sgt. Dillon said the news was still sinking in but that he was flattered and honored.

“I wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon, so I really haven’t though about next steps, or a vision for the department.”

Dillon has nearly a quarter century of police experience, including 10 years as a patrolman with the Boston Police Department, several years on what he describes as “the college circuit,” and experience as a policemen employed by Veterans Affairs.

Since coming to Plympton Sgt. Dillon has worked every shift, been president of the union, and served on several regional organizations, including service as a hostage negotiator for the Old Colony Special Operations team.

He was the first sergeant in the history of the Plympton Police Department, appointed to that position just last February.

The town began the search following the departure of former chief Matthew Clancy, who was appointed as Duxbury’s police chief last March.

Until Dillon agrees to a contract retired Weymouth Police Lieutenant Harrison will continue to serve as the town’s interim chief.

Source: Frank Mand, GateHouse News Service

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