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Why become a Brass Key member? Because your memberhip will unlock the greatest single source of executive law enforcement information anywhere.  The key is in the two categories available to “members only.” You will quickly see that The Brass Key is not just another “police chief job site” – we are committed to being the most comprehensive source of information available.

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“Members Only: Career Opportunities” are currently posted positions that have a published application deadline or have been very recently announced.  If you have ever been to a website that posts jobs you have no doubt been frustrated by the number of listings that are months old and are well past the deadline for applying. We are committed to keeping that “stale junk” from showing up here. As a member you can get an emailed daily summary of new listings posted. Old listings will fall away quickly leaving the most current and relevant information for you.

“Members Only: Search for a chief to begin in…”Want to see what is just over the horizon? Here you will get a heads up on breaking news that a community is planning a search for a chief, often before the position has been posted. You can get an emailed daily summary of these stories, which can be seen only by you as a member.

You will quickly see that this is not your typical job listing site. The Brass Key is committed to timely, accurate and carefully reviewed information delivered to give you the advantage in your career search. All the listings are personally reviewed before posting, so there will never be any junk or spam to waste your time.  Join hundreds of public safety executives for only $9.99 per month and begin seeing the benefits today. Subscribe now to get your User Name and Password unlocking all of this information. Click Here to check out a recent issue of The Brass Key newsletter or for the details on becoming a member.

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