About The Brass Key

The Brass Key is an interactive blog site for The Police Executive an affiliate of The Blue Line, the team that has been delivering public safety opportunities to you since 1993 and among the most trusted names in law enforcement career information.

The Brass Key is divided into two content areas “public” and “members only”

“Featured Opportunities”  These listings are given the highest placement on the site and are visible to everyone who visits the site. Municipalities and Executive search firms place these listings in the most visible public area here and on our partner sights for as little as $250.

“Meet the Chief” A regular feature available to all visitors to the site introducing a newly appointed public safety top executive. You can learn a lot from these men and women – from their resume to their leadership philosophy, these vinettes may provide just the insight you need to get the edge.

“Executive Searches in the News” is a section visible to all visitors that will keep you updated on candidate selection processes currently underway – the application deadline has passed, but the final choice has not yet been made.

The “members only” listings give you the maximum benefit of the site but are invisible to visitors. There are two catagories of listings that are exclusively for you as a Brass Key subscriber.

Members Only: Career Opportunities” are currently posted positions that have a published application deadline or have very recently been announced. We are committed to keeping the “stale junk” that pollutes so many job boards from showing up here. As a member you will get a daily summary of the listings posted and a monthly newsletter summarizing all the current content. Old listings will fall away quickly to make room for current information.

Members Only: Search for a chief to begin in…”Here you will get a heads up on breaking news that a community is planning a search for a chief, often before the position has been posted. As a member you will get a daily summary of these stories. These stories are not available in our newsletter, they can only be view here by you as a subscriber.

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